About us

The idea for this website, was born some years ago, from the request of one of our friends, who wants to gift a Chocolate Egg to her son.
You’re wondering:
“Why not buying it at the supermarket?”
“Because her son has a food intolerance.”
“Ok, but, there are specialized shops for food intolerant people.”
“Sure! But she wanted it big and decorated!”
Knowing our company, she asked us if it was difficult to realize, by herself, a chocolate Egg…
It all started from here, indeed, then, other mums asked us to realize some chocolates for their children.
It’s not because they had any particular problems, it’s just for the joy of being able to gift something personalized, without spending a fortune and in the end, what a satisfaction! 
Our web site doesn’t pretend to make you a chocolatier master, but, we would only want you have fun, by realizing yourself some chocolates and using your fantasy to decorate them.
We want to offer you safe products.

They’re safe because:
First of all, because they are 100% Italian products. They are produced in Italy, by Italian personnel, highly specialized.
The material used is completely BPA FREE. 
What does it mean? All our products are realized with Bisphenol A free material.